Man Arrested Following Rensselaer Burglary

A Rensselaer man, 23 year old Luis Gonzalez, faces felony burglary and theft charges, after being arrested following the report of a crime at a business on South College Avenue on Monday. In a press release, Rensselaer City Police they were advised of a broken window at the business, and after entering they discovered the cash register was missing. Video surveillance at the scene showed a male with facial hair, wearing red shoes and a camouflage jacket. The next day, a city officer was on patrol at an apartment complex near the crime scene, and he observed a person matching the suspect’s description. The man, identified as Gonzalez, denied any involvement or knowledge of the burglary, but police said they received permission from Gonzalez and his girlfriend to search the apartment. Police stated they found evidence from the crime scene inside, as well as clothing that matched what was on the surveillance video. Gonzalez then advised the cash register was inside the trunk of his car. In addition to the two felony charges, Luis Gonzalez faces a misdemeanor of criminal mischief.