Trial Date Set For Joseph Bland In Crash That Killed Melissa Deno

A trial date of Tuesday, January 14th, has been set for Joseph Bland, the man accused of leaving the scene of a crash which resulted in death, after Rensselaer resident, forty year old Melissa Deno was killed at the intersection of U.S. 231 and State Road 16, in October, 2018. Bland, from Terre Haute, was in Jasper Circuit Court on Tuesday, November 7th, for another pre-trial hearing.  Jasper County Prosecutor Jacob Taulman said his office is awaiting downloaded information from the semi-truck involved in the crash.  This “black box” device is similar to the same equipment on passenger planes, and it stores data about the physical properties of the truck involved in an “event’, such as a crash. Prosecutor Taulman told Judge John Potter the trial should not take more than three days. The trial on January 14th, will begin at 9 a.m.