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Steve Touhy is a Chicago native whose quick-witted comedy has brought him 24 years of experience in radio, along with a decade of that doing stand-up comedy.

The radio show, Touhyville, is all about starting the day with fun. 5 days a week Steve jumps into the news of the day, pop culture topics, mixed in with great classic rock. Touhyville is a combination of a morning radio show and late-night talk show.  Steve is joined daily by Missy Balvich for fun chit chat, Chris Locken with a look at local sports, and Russ Martin with local news.

Steve has also appeared in major motion pictures such as “ Save The Last Dance”, “Chain Reaction”, and “What Women Want”.

His television credits include CBS’s  “Early Edition”, NBC’s “ER”, and ABC’s ”What About Joan?”

Tune in daily and start your day with a few laughs and some great music.  Be sure to answer the daily poll question on Facebook and tune in around 9:30 for a chance to win a pizza from Rick’s Pizza.